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Julie Murkette is the most down-to-earth professional I've ever met. She held my hand and never left my side through the entire process of laying out my book. She never failed to call me back and answer my emails. In short, she gave me everything I asked for and more. Her phenomenal attention to detail and her keen editor's eye, was a bonus. Her experience in the book industry is priceless to me as an author. If you want your book to be noticed, if you want your work to shine, if you want the closest thing to perfection you'll ever get . . . then you want Julie Murkette.

— Pamela King Cable
Southern Fried Women

Julie Murkette turned my manuscript into a beautifully designed and coherent book. Her extraordinary contribution to my book not only gave me a product to be proud of, it also changed my life. Without her work would the book have been reviewed in the New York Times? Would the work have been chosen by National Public Radio for six wonderful shows? Would I have had a national book tour? I think, perhaps, not. Her work is top quality and she is unbelievably helpful, punctual, and good to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Andrea Siegel
Open and Clothed: For the Passionate Clothes Lover

Thank you for your total commitment to the editing process and creation of the paperback edition. I could not have asked for a more skillful design. Your immediate and responsive participation in the process made it such a pleasure to work with you.

— Natalie H. Rogers
The New TalkPower: How to Speak Without Fear

Out of the gate, everyone is blown away by the design. You've stolen my thunder. Looking forward to the next one.

— David Tatlock
Dreaming Portugal

You are simply wonderful and I thank you for the gift of your time and inspiration.

Adria Firestone

Bingo! Julie, you're wonderful. It is so nice to get the information on paper and not spend hours of rewrites. You succinctly get to where the information needs to be and you have a real knack for making it all so positive! THANK YOU!

— Gerri Steadman
Recruit My Star Athlete