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For more than twenty years, Julie Murkette has worked with writers: from beginners to those who are widely published. She guides writers to their next level of development, no matter what the starting point may be. She does not focus on criticism. Instead, she provides consistent support for the writer in moving forward and to improve his or her writing, whether for personal fulfillment or professional growth. She has extensive experience accompanying writers through the entire process of publishing their work: Concept >> Writing >> Editing >> Design >> Printing >> Marketing >> Distribution.

Entreprenuers and small businesses frequently derive benefits from having a book published. Julie Murkette shares years of experience in niche marketing with profound results utilizing books as an integral part of the plan. She guides clients to think "out of the box" while maintaining a focused, viable, and ethical direction.

Send an e-mail with some information about who you are and where you are with your writing or small business enterprise, and you will be contacted within 48 hours.